A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game

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Founded by a mom, (I love that) this brand is a boutique toy company that is “here for” a new generation of kids aged 6 and under. They delight in creating the diverse images that imbue all our playthings. Featuring beautifully illustrated, happy, and recognizable scenes, Little Likes Kids™ makes it easy for all parents and caregivers to buy high-quality toys that celebrate our kids world! Isn't that what we all want!  

The first haircut can be scary, this could be a good way to introduce to your young ones what the barber shop can look like.  Classic play with highly-recognizable scenes. Represents what might be a familiar scene to some children, while it might be an uneasy place for others. A great way to introduce children to parts of the barbershop and help them grow more comfortable with regular haircuts. 2" x 2" cards. Ages 3+.