24 Shades of Business Adult Coloring Book

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Latoya Nicole created Entrepreneurs Color Too in 2018.

She did it out of a frustrating moment at work. It was a really busy season at work and they were all overwhelmed with the workload. Some of the managers wanted to make things better for employees so they provided “stress relieving” things like free coffee, massages, and they also brought each of them coloring books to help “take the load off.” To be honest, she said when she first saw the coloring book I was thinking,

“What am I going to do with this?” Latoya hadn’t used a coloring book since she was a child. But one day she was frustrated to the max and I jokingly said to the guy beside me “pass me one of those colored pencils!

Once she started coloring, Latoya noticed that she started feeling calmer so she searched for more coloring books that she could relate but found none.

Purpose found its way into her life work when she choose to fill the diversity gap and turn one of her favorite ways to de-stress into a form of relief for others.

24 Shades of business is an adult coloring book which features images of beautiful, boss women who are entrepreneurs.

It also contains crossword puzzles, activities and inspirational quotes. This 24 page adult coloring book celebrates the beauty of melanin and black girl magic and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression.

24 Shades of business is perfect for all of us business women, Ceo's, future Ceo's and creatives because we should all feel empowered and motivated. Be sure to grab your crayons and colored pencils as you prepare to unwind, relax and color like a boss.

Made in United States of America