build love and community unisex tee (black) OG Collection

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Blac WildFlowerz has been created to help the black American woman's community. That in turn helps the entire black community which in turn helps every other community. How does that happen... I believe it starts with love with love of community it can and will happen. The community which I'm speaking of is us... you me and all those who wish for equality peace and sharing this country and planet as one human race. Let's build love and community

FABRIC:70% Viscose Bamboo 30% Combed Ring Spun Organic Cotton 4.4 oz/sq yd


Breathable & Cooling effect
Highly absorbent and wicks water away
Side seamed
Set on rib collar
Tape shoulder to shoulder
Satin label
FEATURES: Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Silky soft and great drape.

NOTE: Organic yarns will have some small marks (specks) that are visible. These marks are caused by the seeds and plant matter in the fabric. These are normal and are an inherent trait of organic fabric.


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