Tackussanu Senegal

      Tackussanu Senegal

      Hello, I am Jasz I have a passion for Senegalese culture years back I  received a gift from Senegal. It was a beautiful handmade basket, crafted with care. Throughout my life, I have faced my share of adversity, and have always found the strength within the diverse community of other women who have rallied around me. My goal with Tackussanu was to start a business that would not only give me, and my three daughters a sense of pride and stability, but that would help female artisans in Senegal access the global market.

      Tackussanu came into being after a friend, Cheikh Biaye, helped to facilitate a relationship with Artisan women living in rural Senegal. Cheikh…I met Jasz a while ago she came up with the brilliant idea of Tackussanu Senegal. I have seen how investing in women and supporting women, in general, is a powerful way to transform communities. May 2019 Tackussanu Senegal started from our own personal incomes. We combined our passions focusing on how to bring beautiful handmade basket goods and empowering women. 

      Founders Jasz & Cheikh