“She is free. Truly free. She embodies a soul daring to forge joy in all forms of manifestation. She is ageless, timeless, and spontaneous. She laughs loudly and cries without apology. She relishes in all her favorite little things for the sake of her Fabulous Big Picture:  Life with all its miracles of light, shapes, and textures, radiating endless rays of beauty and inspiration- including Her very presence. She knows this. She is at play with the Unknown and relishes the chance to make an adventure out of the most seemingly simple things. She is at home wherever the day takes her... and has the effortlessly elegant, classic yet unexpected style to prove it."

This is the Muse that jewelry designer Natashia Blach strives to serve and celebrate in each and every Gypsy Posh piece. Taking a queue from her own eclectic background she infuses her work with all of her many travels and experiences as a successful actress, model, musician, author, and public speaker. After many life lessons and incarnations, she yearns to create the 'cure for all things mundane.' She achieves this by studying the most basic and natural shapes and colors; then 're-inviting' them into a new and universally appealing style expression. You might notice many modern twists on the classics and vice-versa. There are influences from all fabulous walks of life: From minimalist luxe and wispy lines to the chunky statement 'Power Pieces.' One's eyes will have no choice but to be a willing hostage.

The ultimate mission of Gypsy Posh is to consistently deliver, one piece at a time, something of great pride, longevity and versatility. Necklaces that convert to wrist wraps, rings that never leave the digit, lobe candy that stuns day into night and back again. This is wearable art that entices internally while adorning externally. The goal is to make jewelry that goes with all of Life, practical and easy to wear; to keep that inner Goddess carefree and thoroughly satiated. When there is beauty on the body then there is easily beauty everywhere one goes. 'Good juju' then follows as one begins to feel so utterly beguiling that not even a routine trip to the DMV could shake that fierce stride! There begins a true relationship with each piece, as if it were made just for the one wearing it.